Internship Report in FNZ

author Shuxin Yang time 2017-02-24
Internship Report in FNZ


Name: Shuxin(Denise) Yang
Title: Developer Intern
Company: FNZ
Location: Shanghai, China
Time: Jan. 4 – Feb. 24

Time goes so fast since I came here as an intern last month. However, I have to say goodbye to all of you today because my internship is over. Thank FNZ gives me the opportunity to experience development and turn to a formal employee. In my opinion, choosing a job requires careful consideration, so I will take several weeks to consider whether I will accept the offer or not.

Before I leave this afternoon, I am glad to share my Internship Report with all of you. Mainly about why I came here, what I learned, how I think, whom I work with, and where I am going. I knew FNZ by chance at a job fair in Zijingang Campus, Zhejiang University. After I decided to work in FNZ, I made three small plans for my internship: to study code, to improve English, and to understand finance. Fortunately, I implemented my plans to a great extent, at least I got the means to achieve them in the future.

Code and the work flow of development

C# and SQL are the common programming language during my internship. Refer to C#, I read the book “Beginning Visual C# 2012 Programming”, which Daniel recommended to me, and learnt the OOP(Object-Oriented Programming). OOP is hard to understand for me at the beginning, but the idea it contains is very interesting. I could use the different classes, objects and interfaces to make program more efficiency and scalability. Then I accomplished two programming tasks. My first task is text reflow arranged by Frank, which requires me to break up lines of text so that they fit within a certain width, and it is useful in mobile browsers. The second one is the issue REO-276 , and I fixed it by adding a configuration of FTP and a prefix of filename in Settings.

Besides specific code tasks, I understand the workflow of development in a FinTech enterprise gradually. For example, the relationship between developer, QA(Quality Assurance) and technical analyst. I wrote a note of how to set up desktop on a remote machine and published it on the wiki of FNZ. Moreover, the feedback from Frank Zhong is very instructive for my future work. He taught me that when I try to write a document, I should consider who will read it and whether they can understand or not. It would be better if I could consider the problems they may meet and answer them ahead of time.

Financial market and personal wealth management

During my internship, I have opportunities to chat with Frank Zhong, Danny twice respectively, which help me understand financial market in shanghai better, including the trend of personal wealth management. Besides, the idea of Robo-Advisory from our client, Yunfeng financial group, seems promising in the future and impresses me deeply.

Moreover, when I try to fix issue, I gradually realize that being familiar with business is necessary, especially the process of transaction. Just as Danny said, the biggest advantage of a FinTech company (e.g. FNZ) is its accumulation in financial markets, not only advanced technology. My lack of knowledge about finance inspires me to keep learning. Therefore, I decide to take part in the exam for fund qualification certificate in March 18.

The importance of English

Thanks to FNZ as a WFOE(Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise), I am immersing in the working atmosphere of English. Almost every morning, the development manager, Frank holds meetings in fluent English, delivering work progress and arranging tasks. Then, colleagues will express their opinions and ideas, which is encouraged in the meeting. In daily work and lunchtime, English is the most commonly used language, not only reading and writing, but also oral English.

Nevertheless, English is always my weakness, especially spoken English. What’s more, my lack of confidence in English made me lose many opportunities, including join foreign enterprises. I remember that a week before attending the Toastmasters demo meeting in Morgan Stanly, I sent an email to Danny, the CEO of FNZ China, asking for learning materials and tips. Thank Danny for his sincere reply. He told me the most important thing was “courage” – courage to speak your mind even if in broken English initially; courage to actively participate in discussion even if your voice is not laugh enough; courage to speak on your personal viewpoints on matters even if your viewpoints are different from others.

In Toastmasters, what impressed me most is confidence and passion from participants. After realizing the importance of English and having the chance to practice, I am certain I will improve over time.

Pleasant atmosphere and friendly colleagues

I am lucky enough to work with friendly colleagues, from different work backgrounds and regions. During the relaxing lunchtime with several colleagues, e.g. Qiuyu, Zhi, Bilal and Frank Qin, I learnt a lot besides work. Of course, I enjoy the dishes in Chamtime Plaza, although it seems expensive for an intern.

Here I must thank Daniel for his guidance. Daniel is my mentor during my internship, and he helps me to understand FNZ’s workflow and the development process. When I am in trouble, Daniel always explains to me clearly and patiently, with his rich work experience. I have to say thank you, once again, LiGe.

My plan for the future

Finally yet importantly, I will tell something about my plan for the future.

Next two months, I will work at a hedge fund company as a strategic analyst intern in Lujiazui, not far from FNZ. Then, I will decide which company to work in after my graduation.In the long run, I will work in Shanghai for at least three years, close to the financial hub, and to understand the capital markets fully. In addition, I should keep up with the rapid development of the financial industry, including FinTech, big data, risk management and so on. Of course, I do not forget my three small plans before I came here, it is coding, English and finance.

Looking forward to your feedback.
Thank you.


Feedback from Daniel


You are a self-motivated girl. You willing to learn new things and can handle it in a short time. The best thing you impressed me is that you can take a clear and organized notes. You have rich economic knowledge that can understand the business very well. You can keep a good team relationship with other team members; we all like your sweet smile.


  • C#
    For you, C# is a new language, you just are just a beginner, you now can use C# to write some demo projects, and also can fix bugs in our system, it’s a big progress. If you keep practising, you will good at it. But remember that the grammar is not the difficult one, the thought behind is more important one. Write a code that human can understand is more important than machine can understand.

  • SQL
    You can use SQL query to get and validate the data in our database, you also fixed a bug related to the database setting. You haven’t got chance to create table, view, store procedure and other advanced sql knowledge, but I think it’s not hard for you if you willing to learn it. Database is very important for a system, once you understand the database, you will have a big view of the whole system.

  • Website
    You haven’t get chance to do some work related to website, only played our admin website.


  1. If you want to be a developer, you should keep practicing.
  2. You have a good talent to summarize and make conclusion, remember to organize your notes and share to others, this is very important to build your personal brand.
  3. Remember always try your way before asking for help.